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Getting Started Building Your Web Site
HTML stands for "HyperText Markup Language". HTML is nothing more than computer language, when used properly a Web Page can be created.

CSS Tricks

Once you get the hang of CSS coding, there is no telling what you could come up with on your own. With CSS you can...

  • Use images as bullets
  • Highlight Text
  • Fun with Borders
  • Customize Button
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HTML Tag of the Day



The HTML <tr> tag is used for specifying a table row within a table. A table row contains one or more <td> and/or <th> tags which determine individual cells/columns.

<table><tr><td>cell 1</td><td>cell 2</td></tr></table>


More HTML Tags
  • What does HTML mean?

    HyperText Markup Language, or HTML, is the standard coding language used to build web documents.

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  • What's the Best Free HTML Editor?

    An HTML editor is a type of software application used to create and develop web pages. Each have their own benefits that help complete common tasks associated with the creation of a web page.

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  • What is Javascript?

    JavaScript is the language behind the majority of websites. It allows website creators a way to offer an interesting and dynamic interface.

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  • How do I Make a Web Page?

    Web pages are designed based exclusively on the taste of the person who owns or creates them.

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Learn HTML


Who says that making a webpage is hard? With Draac.com, you can find a lot of resources for your web designing needs. For beginners, we offer courses on different programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Each course is divided in different sections to make it easy to learn. We also offer a variety of tips for each programming language. Being an ultimate resource hub, there are tools that we have added to give your webpage a personalized touch.


HTML is not just a simple abbreviation; Hypertext Markup Language enables you to create a webpage when used properly as it is a special computer language. Draac.com offers many resources for you to learn html. We have a comprehensive guide on HTML, HTML tutorials and HTML codes. Our comprehensive HTML course is divided into thirteen sections:

  • The first section is getting started with HTML, which gives an introduction on HTML, HTML structure tags, RGB color names and chart.
  • The second section is concentrated on text and colors. It gives information on using basic HTML tags, font tags for text, paragraph and text breaks, adding text color and RGB color chart.
  • The third section is about font commands including font effects.
  • The fourth section is about alignment.
  • The fifth section is lines including horizontal rules.
  • The sixth section is images which includes uploading your images and inserting an image.
  • The seventh section is the second part of images which includes resizing, aligning and centering an image.
  • The eighth section is the third part of images which includes images as backgrounds and examples of image alignment with text.
  • The ninth section is about images and anchors. It includes making a link using text or images, thumbnail image anchors and sound anchors.
  • The tenth section is about sound. It includes adding a background sound, netscape sound code and internet explorer sound code.
  • The eleventh section is lists including ordered and unordered lists.
  • The twelfth section is about email and targets. It includes making a link to an email and making internal targets.
  • The thirteenth section is a summary of the course. With this HTML tutorial, you are guaranteed to learn how to make a webpage from start to finish!

Aside from that, we have a HTML extras page. It features assorted HTML codes you can use to spruce up your website. There is an HTML tutorial on how to make form buttons that you can use as navigation. The fix background HTML code is also useful in making sure that the background remains still while the contents of the web page scroll over the top of it. We even have a HTML test bed to check if the HTML code that you have written is working properly.

CSS & Javascript

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS can also be used to make a webpage. It is important to be familiar with CSS. CSS plays a very big role in a webpage. Controlling every element on your webpage, CSS enables you to design your website with your own personal touch!
Our CSS tutorial starts with setting up a basic HTML document. Afterwards, the CSS style code will be added. Of course, a background element is also needed to add color to the webpage. You can opt to use an image instead of a plain color. The next elements to be added are the LINK, VLINK and ALINK text and colors.
After learning the basic CSS elements, we will continue to guide you in the CSS tutorial with matching sample webpage preview. This will enable you to see the progress of your work in order to check if you are catching up correctly with the tutorial. The section will start with a CSS tutorial on adding a heading element which you can customize to your desired font type, size and color. Next to be written is the paragraph element, which, like the heading element, has attributes that can be customized. In fact, you can even have the option to add a class underneath it which gives an element a name. Other elements that are part of the CSS tutorial are IDs, boxes, borders, inline CSS codes and hover text link.
If you are already familiar with CSS, we also have a section on easy CSS codes that you can try. You can mix and match these codes according to how you want to design your webpage. Some examples of the CSS codes listed are no underline links, colored scrollbars, adding color to a pull down menu and custom cursor script. We also provided a link to a CSS reference sheet to other elements.
Javascript is also one of the resources in our website. We offer javascript tutorial through simple codes that you can just cut and paste! You can choose from a variety of java script codes like image rollovers, date and time scroller, alert popup box and many more. Plus, we have a javascript tester and a javascript machine to help you make your own customized java scripts!


Draac.com does not only have HTML, CSS and Javascript resources. We also have many webmaster tools and free widgets for you to enjoy! These internet tools are very helpful not only for the beginner but also for veterans in HTML as well. It makes designing a webpage easier and most of all, each of the web master tool helps to create a number of cool things!
To test if you have input the correct HTML and javascript codes, we have the HTML and JS test bed. You can also convert HTML coding into javascript in an instant with the HTML to javascript converter. Meanwhile, the rollover tool generates an image mouseover. If you want to align items on a webpage, tables are great to use. You can make use of the two available table makers we have on the website and choose the one that is suited for you. The page maker is a fast and simple way to try our out your website designs and codes. You can simply just copy and paste the finished html code to your own file. Do you want to create catchy and eye popping text? There are generators like the 3d text maker and rainbow text that would make your font style unique. Also, if you want to embed special memories on the internet, we have a WebTV scrapbook uploader that is very easy to use. The color cube is very useful because it serves as a quick way to view a background color to see how it looks with a text color. If you do not want visitors to leave the page when they go to another link in the website, you can use frames. With our frame maker, you can make vertical and horizontal frames and get to customize its borders and size. With a total of 25 generators, these web widgets help to create a number of cool things!
Draac.com is the website that you have to visit if you want to learn not just HTML, but webpage designing in general. As a one-stop shop, you do not need to look anywhere! We hope that you enjoyed browsing our website.