How Do I Code HTML in MySpace?


While MySpace HTML templates provide the majority of the coding you will need to create your MySpace page, there may be additional HTML snippets you’d like to add to enhance the look of your profile. By adding HTML code to various areas in your profile, you can create a multitude of text changes, images, animations, character symbols and hide or add sections. These codes are simple to customize and only require a quick copy and paste to work. Here you will learn how to code HTML in MySpace.

Scrolling Text Marquee MySpace Code

Many MySpace users enjoy the look of customized text scrolling across their screen.

To create a marquee of text that runs from right to left, use the code: YOUR TEXT HERE

For a marquee that runs from left to right, use the code: YOUR TEXT HERE

If you’d like an alternating marquee, use the code: YOUR TEXT HERE

Scrolling Text Box MySpace Code

Do you have a lot to say? This could cause your MySpace page to become too long. To shorten your page, you can insert a scroll box HTML code which will place all your text into a scroll box.

To create a scroll box on your MySpace page, use the code:


Special Character Symbols MySpace Code

Short HTML terms can be used to insert various characters or symbols into your MySpace page or page title. Paste the code into whichever section you prefer, save the page, and you will see the character or symbol appear.

  • † = dagger symbol
  • ‡ = double dagger symbol
  • ? = spade
  • ? = club
  • ? = heart
  • © = copyright
  • ® = registered
  • ™ = trademark
  • ? = left arrow
  • ? = up arrow
  • ? = right arrow
  • ? = down arrow

Hide Sections MySpace Code

Managing the web servers is another role of a webmaster and is perhaps the most important part of the job. If the servers are not maintained, this can create a great deal of problems for the website and the client. The servers can constantly go down and make the client lose business because of inaccessibility for their customers. They can also lose money because of the amount of time lost for their employees for every minute that the server is down and their employees cannot work. If the webmaster does not maintain the server, this can also create a problem with security. With security problems, information can be stolen and more damage can occur.As a MySpace user, you may not like or need every available section on your MySpace template. Therefore, HTML codes are provided to hide the sections of profile that are unnecessary. Paste the code in whichever box you are attempting to hide.

To hide the contact box, use the following code:

To hide the friends box, use the following code:

Scrollable Comments and Friends

Have too many comments or friends? Place them all into a scroll box to keep your MySpace profile organized. Insert the following code into the “About” section of your profile page.

To get scrollable comments and friends, use the following code:



border:none 0px solid;”>

Remember that you can change the height and width by editing the numbers to fit the size you’d like your scroll box to be.